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Welcome To National Taekwondo Committee (NTC)


The National Taekwondo Committee (NTC) is a national level organisation of Taekwondo in India which was established in 2008 to promote & propagate the discipline of Taekwondo as an art of Self Defense, fitness and sport all over the country under the guide line and official mandate. It conducts camps, competitions, motivational sessions to yield achievers out of the younger level at Schools and colleges on priority.

National Taekwondo Committee (NTC), aims at the self reliance and exceptionally managed National Level Taekwondo Organisation ready to take on any responsibility to roll out achievers in the discipline of Taekwondo in terms of the Rules of World Taekwondo(WT) Korea regarding promotion of Taekwondo and the Govt. Guidelines. It was started by Master Promoter Mr


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State Level Taekwondo

As a recognized sports discipline & fitness culture Taekwondo spread to all 26 states

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National Level Taekwondo

Taekwondo players participating in the national Taekwondo championship.

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International Level Taekwondo

It is an facet that allows Taekwon-Do practitioners to pit their skills from across the world.

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